Why UX

What is UX?

UX stands for User Experience. A lot of things go into it, but what comes out is how the user interacts with your site (or even app, or product). Creating a fluid, sensible website that helps a user find what they are looking for is a good UX. A bad UX can be a site that isn’t mobile responsive, takes too long to load, doesn’t have information easily accessible, bad usability, crashes, has bad pages /links, and the list goes on.

Why UX?

The smartest and most important thing when setting up a website is a consideration of User Experience. If your user or dream client can’t use it, what is the point of even making one? From a portfolio site to a large interactive experience, the user should come first. And if you take a look at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the things that Google classifies as the most important to rank higher on its pages, the user always comes first. The most natural, user-centric, readable content will always rank closer to the top of page one. It gets more visits, people spend more time on the site, interaction is fluid and the user can find what they are searching for.

It’s always easier and better to have a conception of User Experience from the beginning stages of website design. This is why UX Designers are on the rise and for good reason. UX is a newer study when it comes to the field of interactive marketing (which is even relatively a newer career path), so knowing a thing or two can help you pick the right designer and set up your website right the first time. Conducting User Research is highly beneficial. Not all target users will interact the same with every site. Different types of industries even have different font sets and color schemes and layouts to attract their users. This database is a great resource and example of the different subcategories and associated font types under “Industries”. Knowing your user is critical to your online presence. That’s why it pays to hire an anthropologist well versed in digital marketing and web development.

If you already have a site live that didn’t have UX consideration, don’t fret! You don’t need a new expensive site to gain UX consideration. Visit our passion project, UX Quest, to see how you can get an honest evaluation of your current situation, what it would take to improve upon your current site, and receive a badge showing your UX thoughtfulness to your site visitors.

Our UX Resources page is in development, making sure we find the best and most legible UX sources, but fill out a short and sweet contact form to be in the loop on when that wealth of quality resources is published. Thank you!