Brand Awareness and Planting Seeds

Brand Awareness that Works For You

Okay. You don’t like social media, especially for business. Nobody seems to. That doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Maybe you won’t pull your biggest client or perfect collaboration contact from it. But. It. Still. Matters. It’s almost free advertising, AND you can do it on your terms. It doesn’t take rocket science or complicated web development, and it gives you a chance to be totally creative and plant seeds how you want to plant them.

We believe in authenticity, consistency, and making it fun. If you HATE twitter: fine, don’t use twitter. But at least realize the chance social media provides for you and your company.

Maybe you love social media, and just want to use it more efficiently for business or a passion project. You can always make the platforms work for you, with authenticity. Creating awareness for yourself, your business or idea for business, or your project is respectable. Let’s take the first steps:

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