Consulting and Business Strategy

Business Consulting along the I70 Corridor and Front Range of Colorado

Whether you are just starting out, have some solid footing, just need some motivation, I can help. Having worked with dozens of startups and small businesses, I maintain my passion for local ideas with big heart. Entrepreneurism isn’t easy, but it’s easier with friends. Whether it’s help with pricing or consulting on professionalism or hiring, I’ve been through it and wish to offer my knowledge. I find that most answers lie in discussion, not telling people what is right. Everyone and every situation is different, and sometimes it helps to have a different take on it.

I have helped with contracts, pricing sheets, client intake, website content and strategy, social media, planting seeds and producing leads, business plans, and more. My passion is business, and I just love talking about it. Let’s share a cup of coffee over Skype, or a glass of wine in person if you are Colorado based:

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